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brosedshield's Journal

Brose D'Shield
27 October
I'm a mess of alternating contradictions. Laid back and obsessed, sloppy and neurotic, chill and hysterical (in the "She's hysterical! Lord, fetch the smelling salts!" sense). Opposing traits hand off according to universal whim and I'm very rarely "normal".

I have a great vocabulary and crappy ability to spell ("notice" should totally have a "k" if knowledge, knee and knot do...); I was raised by a clown and a clarinetist (best parents EVER; though not because of their professions) while traveling across continental USA; I love (in no particular order) puns, people, food, stories, God, explosions, science fiction and fantasy, vegetables, words, sunshine and, apparently, darkfic.

This journal exists because fanfic is awesome, writing is awesome, sharing what I've written is awesome, and all you folks out there that might be reading this summary of my life are awesome. And, also, because lavinialavender told me to. :-)