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Alllliiiiive! (and hopefully, writing)

Bless my past self, that actually gathered places to which I might want to submit original fiction and put them in a document that was actually easy to find.

Hey folks (if any of y'all remain) how's it hanging? I am still alive (and hoping to be moreso).

So, as of summer, I have a new job that isn't emotionally draining, hectic, and underpaid, and I live in a new place that actually has people my age doing things, and I have a new apartment (which, admittedly, is not as nice as the previous one, but you can't always win the housing jackpot and it is a nice reasonable sort of place) and since Christmas (which is always a rough time on a number of levels) I have actually felt that I can start...doing things and achieving things.

I would like to write more, and it would be nice, also, to write things for YOU, who-so-ever may or may not be reading this: whether you are a long-term follower who wondered vaguely if I had abandoned this journal, or a long-term friend who knew exactly where I was, or a random stranger-and-possible-future-friend.

This may very well be the only thing I write in this space for the next century and a half (hyperbole), but...want to say hi, and let you know all the things in life.

WORK - No longer makes me cry, and is paying me well, and is full of straightforward tasks which I 96% enjoy. There are BONUSES! I'm going to chase one down and get it *glares at it from across the room*

PERSONAL (A) - Slowly but surely I am building a social life. Church, work, writer's group, water fitness, random folks who are cool. I'm working on it. Keeping an eye out for the fabled boyfriend, but, honestly, I would just like friends. And if one was a boy with romantic inclinations, well, I'm not opposed.

  • PERSONAL (B) - 'Tis Lent, and this year I am doing tiny fasts from many things that are not essentially bad but I know I use as distractions (fanfic, social media, alcohol). It's been a powerful learning experience so far.

WRITERLY - Good, big, challenging things are rolling when it comes to writing. I'm in a comm that encourages daily wordcounts, so I've actually been writing most days, even though I'm not averaging much. Here are some of the projects that are currently rolling:

  • Freak Camp which I write with lavinialavender is moving (slowly) again, after a long time of me having absolutely no energy or time. The last Chapter went up a few days ago and you can find All Things at freac_camp. The end is in sight, baby!

  • I'm trying to Clean The WIP folder, which is what you have to thank for Forgettable (and Remarkably So) (SPN) and The Spyder and Mr. Hyde (Marvel). That last one has at least two more Chapters to it, and I have a couple other goodies in the folder that I would like to get out. Both are hanging out at my AO3 (Brosedshield), where you can find most things.

  • Original Fiction and Publishing - Guys, I would love to see my work in a thing. Like, a paper thing. Or a digital thing. The sort of thing that people pay monies for and I can brag to my grandparents about. I want at least three rejection letters and/or publication this year. So I need to get sending and writing and developing emotional fortitude, and I need to do it quick, given lag-time on reading and response. I'm also in the emotional prep stage for sitting down and finishing/revising Spacefic, which I think is going to be my first solo novel (Freak Camp will aways be my first beloved Monster) unless something jumps out at me.

So, guys. Thats my life, and my hopes and plans for my life. I hoping to make this a more regular thing (though shorter), and I hope you are well.

P.S. I am also knownasbelen (SPN and miscellanea) and starksrockinragnarok (Marvel and comics generally) on Tumblr.


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Mar. 2nd, 2016 12:25 pm (UTC)
Yay, good to see a post from you! I'm glad life is going well! And that you've been productive in your writing! All excellent things! :D

I'm also writing a Spacefic... we should talk about it some time.
Mar. 2nd, 2016 12:48 pm (UTC)
That would be lovely! I love both talking and listening and there are so many possibilities when something has as vague a title as "Spacefic". My working titles are never great :P

What's your preferred chatting medium? LJ comment, FB chat, Gchat, Skype, Tumblr chat, or phone calling are all options :)
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