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When an Angel Needs Cat Chow

 Title: When an Angel Needs Cat Chow
Castiel, Bobby, kitty!Dean, kitty!Sam
PG (for language)
Word count:
middle of S5, same time as "Hell Hath No Furry..."
Sam and Dean are kittens and Castiel goes to Bobby for help
Author notes:
This is a timestamp for "Hell Hath No Furry..." If you had asked me yesterday, I would have said I had no serious ideas for expanding on Kittychesters, but then (you guessed it) I was talking with lavinialavender and this just came out. She also beta'd for me. Enjoy!
Author note extra! Now also a podfic by alice_alaizabel

The angel shows up at the junkyard when Bobby is outside working on a truck. One second there’s no one there but Bobby and his chair, and the next second there’s Cas.

Bobby jerks back. And rolls a few feet. “What the hell?” he says.

“No,” Castiel says seriously. “I am not a demon.”

“Fuck, I know that,” Bobby complains, ignoring how his hands are shaking. Before the accident he didn’t give a fuck about anything. Now he jumps and the adrenaline goes everywhere it won’t do any good. “What brings you here, featherbrain?”

“Do you have…cat chow?” Cas says the last words as though invoking some ancient power, some greater force.

For one horrible confused moment, Bobby wonders if cat chow will glow in the presence of God, or some shit like that. And then he decides to be just confused as all hell. “Cat chow? Hell, no. What do you need cat chow for?”

Somberly, the angel removes kittens from his pocket, one black and one off-white. “Bobby Singer, I have Sam and Dean.”

Bobby stares. The tan one is asleep, but the black—Bobby’s willing to bet it’s Dean—takes one look at Bobby and kind of shrinks. Bobby’s never seen a cat look that embarrassed before, but the idjit deserves it.

“How?” Bobby asks. They’d all be frantic if it were permanent. So it better damn well not be permanent.

“Bastet, Egyptian cat-goddess,” the angel says.

“Of course.” Only those boys.

Bobby reaches out one hand and grabs Dean by the scruff of the neck. He’s soft, and his black fur practically gleams in the afternoon light. Bobby puts the kitten on his lap in the wheelchair and cautiously scratches his head. Dean purrs. Sam wakes up, meows for his brother, and Cas drops his last kitten into Bobby’s hands. Sam butts his head into Bobby’s other hand, and pretty soon both of them are purring their hearts out.

“They are so cute,” Cas says miserably.

Bobby has to agree, but he will never admit it. “Idjits,” he tells the Winchesters.

The Winchesters purr.
Tags: bobby singer, castiel, fanfic, spn: kittychesters, supernatural
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