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The New Masterlist (c. Nov '11)

Welcome to my journal! This is an odd mix of fanfiction (mainly for Supernatural), original fiction, and life commentary. I try to be interesting, bouncy, and not too crazy. All fanfic will be public, anything else may be friend locked sporadically. I love friends, but if you’d like me to friend back, say hi, drop me a line, or otherwise introduce yourself. I love meeting new people!

Below is my master list of fic. General, one-shot fic is arranged according to when I wrote it (earliest first). Everything else is chronological according to universe and generally PG or PG-13. Anything more intense will be marked.

Most (but not all) things are also available on AO3


Freak Camp: A Monster By Any Other Name
     -AU Supernatural series written with lavinialavender and posted at freac_camp
          *edited by the fantastic whereupon
          *podfic and fanart by alice_alaizabel cedarcliffeand quickreaver

Shorter Work

Supernatural FicCollapse )

Fanfic: Miscellaneous FandomsCollapse )

Original Fiction and PoetryCollapse )~*~

Greetings all! The new Chapter for our dear Freak Camp is now available at at our freac_camp community or on AO3. Please heed the usual warnings (I would copy-paste them here, but I don't seen an HTML option on the the new posting editor, and I figured I would try it out.

Hope you are doing well! This may not be the Chapter to brighten your day, but it's a good Chapter, I promise.

I'm aliiiive. And posting my traditional twice-yearly post. This one is with fic.

Is it weird that I enjoy giving people things on my birthday? Anyway, here's something for anyone who might be reading. Link goes to AO3, which is where I exist slightly more these days (but not by much). Hope you are all doing very well and having and excellent end-of-October.

Title: Where We Are (I'm Willing to Break Myself)
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 2128
Warnings: Some discussions of past canonical torture, much more implied than described
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, a puppy (kinda)
Beta Credit: Thank you lavinialavender for always being excellent! Remaining errors are my own.
Summary: After the Great Wall of Sam falls, Sam and Dean end up in a place that isn't really Heaven, and isn't really Hell (they would know...they've been there). This is their story of continuing.

Sam would never have wanted Dean to end up in Hell...but he was grateful.

(Closing story to "Hell Shall Not Wash Us Away")

One of my least favorite exhortations to myself is “It doesn't have to be good, it has to be done.” That usually means the scheduling sh*t has well and truly hit the fan, and my anxiety is making it hard to do ANYTHING, yet all the things must be done.

I've been saying this a lot lately. Whether my life has become nuts, or my procrastination is getting worse it's hard to say. (Like most things, I feel that reality splits the difference.)


Alllliiiiive! (and hopefully, writing)

Bless my past self, that actually gathered places to which I might want to submit original fiction and put them in a document that was actually easy to find.

Hey folks (if any of y'all remain) how's it hanging? I am still alive (and hoping to be moreso).
ALL THE THINGS...and plans/hopes for the futureCollapse )
I'm alive! And writing even! I'm trying to work on old WIPs in folders, so have a fic! I've probably written a couple things since the last SPN fic I posted here (freac_camp is the exception) but they were Avengers/MCU and I didn't crosspost. Might go back to that. Link in the title goes to AO3 but the fic is also available under the cut. :)

Title: Forgettable (and Remarkable So)
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 1504
Warnings: Honest to Pete, folks, nothing horrible happens in this one
Characters/Pairings: John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Impala (Supernatural), Original Character
Beta Credit: Thank you lavinialavender for the lovely beta! All remaining errors are my own.
Summary: John Winchester commissioned the mark off an amateur white witch with a knack for sigils. Folks could see the Impala, get an impression of her, and then wouldn't be able to remember a single concrete detail when she pulled out of sight. It's the reason the Winchesters are so hard to find (and the reason Dean would never change an inch of the Impala).

John Winchester commissioned the mark off an amateur white witch with a knack for sigils.Collapse )
As lavinialavender has most aptly added WE'RE STILL ALIVE!

Title: A Monster By Any Other Name: Part Two - Chapter Thirty-Two
Authors: lavinialavender and brosedshield
Rating: R
Warnings: please see full list here
Spoilers: none; AU
Pairing: eventual Sam/Dean (yet not incest; AU where they’re not brothers)
Chapter word count: 9,179
Summary: The same old Sam/Dean love story, with a darkfic twist. Sam grew up in a concentration camp for monsters and Dean was raised as an only child and hunter: Together, they make each other human. // Sam was prepared for anything Dean wanted him to do – except become a real.


Part Two: Chapter Thirty-Two

Losing my mind (finding old documents)

So, work is insane. Which it says something about me that I'm posting NOW when work is insane rather than the last age (what, six month?) when work was only trying.

I'm at the point where I'm going through my Google Drive Archive and renaming documents so that they have a consistent title structure. This is a sign of stress.

Anyway, I've realized, going through said document that my memory sucks, because I keep finding things THAT I WROTE (apparently) that I have no memory of writing or posting or anything.

I must make different folders to indicate stories that have been posted versus not. This is what I should do. *stares around somewhat wild eyed and continues organizing trivia while Rome metaphorically burns*

A warm(er) winter day poem

In which Brose attempts to write a happy poem and manages to write a not-totally-depressing poem. That totally counts, right? (also apparently Brose is referring to herself in the third person tonight, have I mentioned that it's been a weird sort of day?)

A winter day without the vicious chill
To which we’ve been accustomed feels like joy.
The sun shines down on me and my silly hat
And I feel warmth instead of biting cold.
I’d just about forgot what warmth felt like.
It’s good, this day. It makes me breathe differently,
As though I could run without falling down.
That isn’t true. The ice remains where cold
Clings, in the shadows where feet have ground it in.
But I can feel the sunlight on my face,
And, remembering the sadness that has passed
Believe that winter too must end in spring.


(Note: it's really freaking cold here and I'm sick of it. The end.)


Title: And I Shall Raise You From the Dust
Author: brosedshield
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't profit)
Characters: Sam, Dean, John
Warnings: depression
Rating: PG-13 (though that 13 may just be a habit)
Word count: 2474
Spoilers: preseries
Summary: Sam chose to give up his dreams of college, Stanford and normalcy for his family. Now, after a hunt leaves him broken, he gets everything he wants (after he can't want it any more).
Beta Credit: lavinialavender is the best beta and friend a person could ask for :)
Author notes: This is a very odd sort of fic. For one thing, the original draft was written over two years ago and it stayed in the digital equivalent of a dusty drawer for the majority of that time. For another, this is an AU continuation of the AU of an AU, and as such will probably not make sense unless you read Beneath the Trees, Where Nobody Sees by minviendha and also You Get What You Need by khakigrrl, which you should because both fics were so darned good that I wanted to see more. This fic is written with khakigrrl’s blessing, though two years late. I only hope that it does justice to the stories that came before.

He’s angry, angry under the skin where it won’t show and oozing out with every word, and he’s not sure even what he’s angry about.


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