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The New Masterlist (c. Nov '11)

Welcome to my journal! This is an odd mix of fanfiction (mainly for Supernatural), original fiction, and life commentary. I try to be interesting, bouncy, and not too crazy. All fanfic will be public, anything else may be friend locked sporadically. I love friends, but if you’d like me to friend back, say hi, drop me a line, or otherwise introduce yourself. I love meeting new people!

Below is my master list of fic. General, one-shot fic is arranged according to when I wrote it (earliest first). Everything else is chronological according to universe and generally PG or PG-13. Anything more intense will be marked.

Most (but not all) things are also available on AO3


Freak Camp: A Monster By Any Other Name
     -AU Supernatural series written with lavinialavender and posted at freac_camp
          *edited by the fantastic whereupon
          *podfic and fanart by alice_alaizabel cedarcliffeand quickreaver

Shorter Work

Supernatural Fic

SPN: Miscellaneous fic
Blood Rush (S5.22, PG-13)—Sam drinks demon blood to do what he has to do.
Puppy-Dog Eyes (S3/4, PG-13)—Sam asks nicely.
Instincts from Hell (S4, PG-13)—Dean is back and even the little answers aren't quite what they seem.
His Father’s Son (S1.22 AU, R)—Dean dies inside the cabin, and that changes everything.
We All Sleep Alone (Standford era, PG)—You’ve got to be strong when you’re out on your own, but sooner or later we all sleep alone. (or, how Sam and Dean always miss each other, even when they don’t know it).
In His Sleevies (preseries, wincest, PG)—“If you make another ‘humerus’ joke, so help me I’m going to break your jaw."
Surcease From Pain (S6 AU, PG-13)—Sam is, in the end, just a little soul, and for him it's just blackness.
The Language of Hell (S4, PG-13)—Dean always enjoyed his pop-culture, but he picked up different reference points in Hell.
You Remember Being Dead (S6, PG-13)—Samuel Campbell doesn't much like his grandsons, but then again, he's never met them.
A Man, a Rope, a Tree (S6+ AU?, R)—Sam remembers a lot, actually. He just doesn’t remember how he got on the tree.
The All Hope Bar (S5/6?, NC-17)—dark!fic! From time to time, you can find most of the world at the All Hope Bar. Sam drinks alone and Lucy plays the violin.
Land of Castles and Stains (preseries, PG-13, written for the worldwide_spn challenge)—It’s their third country in the last twelve months. Sam wonders sometimes if it would have been easier in the States to look into a stranger’s eyes and believe there is understanding there.
The Shadow and the Coal (S8+, AU [I hope], PG-13)—There are the monsters in the dark of a future world, and their name is Winchester.

Saint Christopher Ain't Real No More (Teen Wolf/Supernatural, PG-13)—The first time Chris Argent met Victoria Campbell, he fell in love. Maybe because she was beautiful, badass, brave, vicious. Maybe because she felt like family (like that same old madness).
All You Think You See (Are Two Guys in a Cemetery) (S5.22, PG-13)—A little glimpse into Lucifer's head during Swan Song. Also known as my personal headcanon that it wasn't just two guys in a cemetery.
And I Shall Raise You From the Dust (preseries, PG)—Sam chose to give up his dreams of college, Stanford and normalcy for his family. Now, after a hunt leaves him broken, he gets everything he wants (after he can't want it any more).

SPN: Miscellaneous poems
What John Winchester Bequeathed to His Sons—reflection through S2.01 and vague drifty spoilers through S5
What Dean Said to the Demon (In a Hypothetical Situation, Season 3)—haiku
Preference— preseries, PG, more-or-less shipless, one gratuitous lit reference
They Get Around—2 haiku, spoiler-ish through S5

SPN: Kittychesters
Hell Hath No Furry...(S5 AU?, PG)— Sam and Dean are changed into the cutest kittens in creation. Cas puts them in his pockets.
     *podfic by cookiemom6067
When an Angel Needs Cat Chow
     *podfic by alice_alaizabel

SPN: Apo (aka deer!Impala) ‘verse
One More For the Road (preseries)—Just another town. Just another fight. Until it’s not.
J.W's Big Black Bull (Stanford era)—Sam is gone. Dean just wishes John had chosen some way to work out his aggression than cattle rustling.
Live By the Sword (S1)—When heads need to come off, Dean’s an ax man...
     *gorgeous art by made_of_tin

SPN: Deanna Winchester (posted at deewinchesterwith other stories by lavinialavender)
HaircutDeanna (age 11) cuts her hair.
Deanna is EightDeanna (age 8) will do anything to protect her brother.
HustlingSome things were easier to try without Sam around. Like wearing that shirt to play pool
Deathbed Confessions of a Broken ManJohn Winchester sat beside the hospital bed and looked down at his little girl...
So Close It Almost Breaks the SkinBefore Sam left for college, Dee never shaved her legs...it’s different now that she’s out of hell.
Not So Lucky for the RabbitThe Winchesters meet Bela Talbot. Dee wonders how Bela can believe she, as a woman, will survive.

SPN: Hell Shall Not Wash Us Away (S6+)
Hell Shall Not Wash Us AwayThe problem with permanent damage to the soul is that death does nothing to fix it. The first thing Sam sees when he gets to Heaven is Dean. The second is the wall...
The CallDean goes in his sleep, and Sam has to go on as best he can.
Such People PerishDean dies almost instantly—heart attack—on his (their) backporch. And then he’s somewhere else, alone. Until Sam comes after him.

SPN: Medieval AU
Sir Dean vs. the GriffinIt's medieval Europe and Sir Dean Winchester is not having a particularly good day.
     *podfic by alice_alaizabel
ConfessionsSam and Dean keep each other's secrets.
     *podfic by alice_alaizabel
Words in the Dark Sam reads every night in the chapel. It was Dean’s idea.
     *podfic by alice_alaizabel

Fanfic: Miscellaneous Fandoms

The Dance of the Chimney Sweeps (Mary Poppins [Disney movie], PG)—Bert is more than he seems to the children, and wants to mean more to a certain governess
Dark, Dark Juliet (Romeo and Juliet [Shakespeare], R)—Drunk, chaste and wasted in exile, I dreamed hot, hopeless dreams of Juliet.
That's What It's All About—
Those You've Died For (Hawaii 5-O, PG-13)—You (Chin Ho Kelly) lost everything for Auntie. And now she’s almost gone.
Pilgrimage (X-Men: First Class, PG-13)—The mutant once known as Erik Lensherr stands alone on an isolated Cuban beach, a bullet cradled in his hand.
Same Old Burnt Sugar (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, PG-13)—The one where Hansel can’t stand the smell (taste, thought) of sugar and Gretel holds him up (or maybe they support each other)


Original Fiction


Create Your Own Adventure!

Shield City: Haylan Sucasanna
Sucasanna's Son (PG-13)—Haylan has reasons to hate being his mother's son.
Need, Greed, and the Lie Called Love (NC-17)—Haylan Sucasanna has been on the streets for years, but today he goes back to the basics and stops looking for something better.
Silence(NC-17)—“W-would you like to—“ Jason hadn’t even gotten the words out before Haylan was closing the door with one hand and pulling Jason’s head in for a kiss with the other.
Solstice Gifts (R)—There was a difference, a difference that hurt, between not getting a gift and being the only one without one.
One of Those Chance Collisions(PG-13)—It's just one of those chance collisions...then Haylan's hand is in Jason's hair and he brings their mouths together.
Execution, Insults, Throwback (PG-13)—Noahl is perfect. Too perfect. His children have seen him practicing (or, a brief overview of Alatsuni cultural norms, which a deviant, scary-ass anomaly).

Shield City: Solsmith
Don't Take What You Can't Keep (PG)—Jethro Donovan was a poor, second-rate mage who founded one of the strongest Families in Shield City. He didn’t do it by playing by the rules.

Original Poetry
*I Can't Confess What I Should Have Always Known
*just another madness poem
*Make Me Bleed
*Let's Play the Drunk-and-Miserable Game
*Popcorn is Contagious
*Four and Four—possibly related to original fic, Kev and Peony



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Nov. 8th, 2011 10:23 pm (UTC)
Much improved! I REALLY like how you have fanart and podfic listed via indents for each piece that has some.

Damn, that's a lot of links.
Nov. 10th, 2011 04:15 pm (UTC)
SO MANY LINKS. I did it over a couple days, because it was such a headache and rushing through was just a recipe for failure, you know?

Actually, a lot of copy/pasting in general. ALL THOSE SUMMARIES! Yes and the podfic too!

I was on the fence on how to handle the podfic/art for FC, but in the end decided just to link to the fanart masterlist and I'll keep adding on names as other people do things *grins, always hopeful*
Jul. 6th, 2012 10:08 pm (UTC)
Hi! I'm simonejester. I've added your master post to a directory I'm putting together at spnverticalfile. It's linked here. If you don't want it there, just let me know and I'll remove it. :)
Jul. 7th, 2012 04:02 am (UTC)
That's completely cool, lists are nice and it's fun to be on :D

Though, I may say that they aren't exactly cattle ranchers in that series. More like cattle rustlers, at least in that one fic. The rest have mutant animals and zombies and catastrophe. An' stuff. :P

Again, thank you for adding me! I may have to check out some of the other authors now!

Jul. 7th, 2012 04:05 am (UTC)
I'll go make that correction.

And--awesome! I was hoping that the comm would be useful to not-just-me! XD
Oct. 26th, 2012 03:00 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday!
Happy Early Birthday Wishes! I hope you laugh hard, jump high from a perfect surprise, and eat enough sweets until your so full of love you feel like you're about to bust!!!
Oct. 28th, 2012 04:25 am (UTC)
Re: Happy Birthday!
Hehe, thank you! I had a fantastic day, actually, mainly filled with parents, superhero movies, good food and PRESENTS. And actually the full 25 birthday candles that I'm due :P

Thanks for the birthday wishes! *hugs you tight*
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